Eccolab Group was founded in 2001 and initially operated out of a small medical office with a similarly-sized staff.

A little more than a decade later, we have rapidly grown into one of the leading independently-owned clinical laboratories in Florida, processing over 30,000 samples a month from our state-of-the-art facility.

Our mission is simple. We will always strive to provide timely, quality clinical results that allow clinicians to detect disease, make diagnoses, prescribe medications, and monitor results while putting the patient’s best interest first.

Since Eccolab’s inception, we have placed an onus on catering to the needs of nursing home administrative staff, clinical staff, physicians and most importantly the patients residing at these facilities.

We credit our success to our ability to offer a broad range of services and our dedication to long-term patient care and the facilities we work closely with.

Our industrious staff works diligently to stay abreast of new methods in the field of laboratory medicine and ensure the consistent precision that you count on.

Moving forward, we will continue to grow, but never at the expense of lowering our impeccable standards of quality. That is the Eccolab guarantee.

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