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We offer a range of clinical services as well as unrivaled patient and client support.

 Hours of operation:

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

STAT testing, routine phlebotomy and all clinical services are available 24/7, including weekends and ALL Holidays

Results are reported and immediately sent to the physician/nursing home.
Phlebotomists are available 24/7 for STAT services.
We guarantee a 4-hour turnaround time for STAT results.
Results and Infection Control available 24/7
Reports available by Internet, phone or email
Account data stored from first service date.

Personalized attention

Account representatives assigned to each client and our live customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, including holidays.

Integrated digital network

Our web system is specifically designed for Eccolab Group clients and offers a multitude of options for accessing reports and patient results.
Eccolab is part of the DSSI network.
We provide Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration.

House calls

Physicians can request for a phlebotomist to visit the patient’s home by simply sending the appropriate request forms to the laboratory.

Advanced education

We provide continuous education and in-service programs to clients on clinical laboratory standard operating procedures.
We also  frequently offer organized seminars and training sessions which give clinical staff the opportunity to earn Continued Education Credits

Routine phlebotomy services 7 days a week

Eccolab Group has a team of highly skilled, licensed geriatric and pediatric phlebotomists, who are required to have a minimum of 5 years experience in the medical field to comply with the standards of Eccolab Group.

The laboratory assigns individual phlebotomists to each nursing home facility to provide services at designated times.

Laboratory Results reported daily by 2 PM or before

Most frequently-ordered tests are completed and reported before 12 p.m. daily and are sent as soon as they are completed.

Tests that require longer processing times are reported as soon as the results are available.

Eccolab Group ‘s computerized reporting system includes chart-ready copies with reference (normal) intervals for comparison.

- In most procedures, abnormal results are “flagged” or highlighted.
- These results will be reported as “critical values” to clients immediately.

Delivery methods:

- Telephone. Clients may request that results be called in. Printed reports will follow with regularly scheduled report deliveries.
- Telecommunications from our central computer. Eccolab Group operates an extensive network of remote teleprinters.
- Our daily courier service.
- First class mail
- Facsimile
- Electronic data transfer (E-mail)
- Critical values in results reported immediately after completion to physician/nursing home
- Pt/INR’s reported before 12:00 noon
- Reported by fax, email or Internet

Complementary Supplies

- All necessary supplies for the submission of specimens to Eccolab Group are provided at no charge.Supplies are delivered to client’s facilities by laboratory representatives.Standard supplies provided by Eccolab Group include:
- Test request forms
- Sterile containers
- Sterile swabs
- 24 hour urine collection containers
- Hemo cults

Additional supplies may be available upon request.

Courier Services

Eccolab Group provides clients with a daily pick-up and delivery service of routine samples and results.

Daily pick-up schedules are consistent with physician/nursing home requirements and individually established for every account.

Eccolab Group Co. assumes full responsibility for specimen samples once they have entered the possession of our highly trained service representatives.

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