About us

Eccolab Group is a full service anatomic and clinical pathology lab that provides clinical tests and services to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, long term and intermediate care facility providers as well as physician offices.

Incorporated in 2001, we conduct business through our headquarters in Miami and our laboratory testing facilities currently extend throughout Florida as well as other parts of the United States.
Our mission is simple. We will always strive to provide timely, quality clinical results that allow clinicians to detect disease, make diagnoses, prescribe medications, and monitor results while putting the patient’s best interest first.

Recognized for our integrity, quality and innovation, Eccolab delivers timely and accurate laboratory results, which serves as an integral part of our commitment to excellent healthcare.
All phases of laboratory testing (including pre-analytic, post-analytic and analytic phases) are maintained in accordance with AHCA standards of excellence.

Eccolab Group operates a sophisticated laboratory network with extensive scientific expertise in geriatric care. We are staffed with devoted healthcare professionals that have the experience and dedication necessary to provide uncompromised, error-free analytical results.

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